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Caravanning and leather craft in South Africa

Caravanning it with Chikumba Leather Goods

Author: Karen Stassen

Guest post submitted 15 March 2017 via Leka Escapes.

It’s been 5 months now since last we slept in a room not connected to this earth by the rubber wheels it stands on and encased in a metal frame. This is a small measure of comfort for Michael when lighting starts striking too close for comfort.

We left city life for a road less travelled. Or at least at road less travelled for non pensioners. A fact we did not realise until we sat in our first camping or at Inanda Dam realising the rates were far more than anticipated.  The funding for our working holiday would be by making and selling leather goods handmade whilst in transit somewhere in South Africa.

We have gained a lot of experience as caravanners in a short time. The most important tip was given by our caravan sales man who said very clearly to us that now that we are caravanners we need to take EVERYTHING slow. It sure is a different mind set from the fast paced city life.

We have created a wonderful new business while on the road. We make leather bags, pouches etc. We are called Chikumba and we might just pull into a caravan park near you soon.

We currently find ourselves in the picturesque Midlands in Nottingham Road at a welcoming and homely caravan park called Glensheiling. We have spent the most time here than at any other park to date and can say that it has been the only place that hasn’t outgrown it’s charm.

Funny thing with caravanning for extended periods is that at some point you just know it’s time to move on. You need to change the exterior of your close confined spaces.  The next move will be to further our business going down the coast. We are not sure where the road will take us next, but for now Glensheiling is home.



Elize Rowe

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