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Glamping Se Foot!

By D. Nicholas


It was nearing the end of the school holidays when our little family of three decided to go on an adventure.

We googled and googled, but as usual, the fundage was short and we had left this whole brain fart to the absolute last minute.

Suddenly Giraffe (a.k.a hubster) suggested we go camping.  Errrrmmmmm well, Fishy (a.k.a offspring) was very excited, I (unicorn) wasn’t quite convinced.  I looked at our bank balance… gulp… although I may have been dreaming of the Oyster Box…. It was definitely not dreaming of me!

So I left the organising up to Giraffe and a few weeks later as school ended, off we went (car packed to the brim) to Cape Vidal.

After a few pit stops along the way for some food and refreshments we arrived at the gate, where we waited a bit – school holidays 🙁

Eventually we were checked in and we drove through to the reserve to get to our campsite. The reserve itself is home to many different species of animals including Elephants, Rhino’s, Hippos, Buck, Crocodiles, Buffalo and Birds  (we managed to see all of these in our trip).

After our drive through the reserve we got checked into our campsite…

Holy Mother of Joburg…. there were a lot of non-kzners frequenting the camp sites, and our little 4 man tent looked like something that had been expelled from one of their Nkandla-sized tents.

Whilst they were all smirking at us in between watching DSTV in their caravans and mounting carcasses on their braais to feed their tribes, their grins faded quickly when our tent was set up in under 5 minutes flat (and that was with little 6 year old fishy insisting on helping daddy set it up). Evil laughs aside, we looked at our tent in pride, this was home for the next few days, and it was pretty damn awesome!

We decided because we were all set up, we would go for a quick squizz around. We took a short drive to the shop in the campsite and then to the beach. 

When we got back, two very worried security guards were standing by our mini tent.  I was shoving Giraffe “Did you pay for the accommodation” “Why are there security people by our tent”.  He got out the car to speak to them and they told him a monkey had broken into our tent.

Firstly…. WHAT? How the heck did a monkey unzip our tent? We were obviously newbies at this camping thing, because we were horrified.  We go into the tent to see the darling monkey had ripped open our milk and proceeded to spread it all over our beds… He didn’t even drink it….

So, we thanked the security guards, decided we had to make better plans with our food and then attempted to clean the milk out of our beds as it was already starting to smell like a day old dumpster.

I was trying to think if I could quickly sell my kidney and cash it in for the Oyster Box, but anyways..

After that disaster was averted our trip was pretty much beach and bush by day and braais by night.  (What could be better?)

Of course we had a few Smores for the fishy, who liked cooking the smores more than eating them (More cellulite for the unicorn)

On our way out we were lucky to come across some Elephants crossing the road for an afternoon  wee.  It was an amazing experience to see them so close (although there was alotttttt of wee!)

The part I loved the most about our trip had to be exploring the beautiful beaches, I especially loved Mission Rocks beach, which is not a swimming beach, but we managed to walk on the rocks (which for a jiggly mom was an adventure in itself) and we picked mussels and enjoyed the picturesque views.

Are we there YET?:

It is not an unbearable journey from Durban.  Cape Vidal is about 3 hours from King Shaka Airport.  The nearest town is St Lucia for some restaurants and bars.

Camp Sites:

No, this is not glamping, this is rough and toughing, set your own tent up stuff, but man is it beautiful.

There are 50 campsites accommodating both tents and caravans in the dune forest.  Amenities include ablutions with hot and cold water and bathrooms include showers and baths and plug points.  There is a small shop with has basic essentials (like ice cream!).

Camping prices range from a minimum charge of R520.00 per night (PAX – 4) to a minimum of R1040.00 per night, with day visitors paying R30.00 per day.  Please see below information to make enquiries:

For the “Fancy” Mense, Cape Vidal also features log cabin accommodation.

99 Problems, but these aint one:



Guided walks

Views for days


Game drives



Cruise on St Lucia Estuary:

Take a cruise on the stunning St Lucia Estuary where you will have a chance to discover Hippos, Crocodiles and Bird Life.

Mission Rocks Beach

Spend some time catching a fish or 2 and collect some mussels (make sure you have your fishing license hand)

Relax on the rocks as you watch the seagulls flock.

Bucket Lister

An absolute bucket lister ( I still need to go back to do this) is the Turtle tours which begin on 1stNovember and end on 31 March.

Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.  The tours will take you on a wonderful drive along the beach at night  where you will be able to indulge in the experience of a lifetime and get to witness turtles nesting on our beaches.  (Eiffel tower got nothing on that! J)

Below are some of the operators for the Turtle Tours:

Walking Tours Kosi Bay

Ufudu Tours

Thonga Beach Lodge

Thompsons Tours

Shoreline Boat Safaris and Turtle Tours

Rocktail Camp

Shoreline Boat Safaris and Turtle Tours


To sum it up, if you are looking for an affordable holiday, where the bush meets the sea,

Cape Vidal is most definitely the best place to be!

Unicorn, over and out.



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