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Surgery in South Africa: a medical tourism guide

Guide to medical tourism in South Africa. Surgical tools lying on theatre table in hospital.

South Africa is synonymous with beautiful and enchanting escapes: Be it for holidays, for adventure, for business, or for post-op recuperation. Medical Tourism in South Africa, made popular by Cosmetic Surgery, is an attraction to a large percentage of medical patients annually.

“There’s absolutely no reason why, with the right maintenance treatments, the beautiful results achieved at the hands of our brilliant South African surgeons won’t continue to endure for far, far longer than our clients could possibly imagine”, says Ingrid Lomas, CEO of Surgical Attractions, the South African Medical Tourism company that specialises in Cosmetic Surgery. “Post operative care, along with pre operative care and matching our clients to a highly qualified, registered surgeon most suited to their particular requirements is of prime importance to us”. (

And what a feast of choices there are! Depending on where you are having your surgery, you have the option of Wine & Golf Estates, Country and Coastal Retreats, Luxury Train Journeys and Bush Safaris.



List of medical tourism providers in South Africa

Here is a list of medical tour operators that you can contact if you are thinking of coming to South Africa for surgery (incognito) and having a holiday at the same time. You can then return home looking and feeling like a new person.


Surgeon and Safari

Surgeon and Safari offers a total healthcare facilitation solution when using South Africa as a destination for medical health treatment. They have many years’ experience using reliable networks of medical professionals, private hospitals and emergency Medical Evacuation services in Africa.

Contact Surgeon and Safari


Medical Tourism South Africa

Medical Tourism SA strives to take the stress out of your medical holiday by dealing with all of the organisation and administrative tasks, as well as providing all-inclusive care and assistance on a 24/7 basis.  This allows you to focus on the important things: having a successful procedure and a restful, rejuvenating holiday.

Contact Medical Tourism SA



Afrisurg Medical Tourism

Afrisurg provides a comprehensive and well-coordinated care programme for persons who wish to travel to South Africa in order to receive medical attention. We act as guide and councillor to those who seek help from recognised South African medical experts. We believe that Afrisurg can advise either local or foreign patients on the best surgical care in South Africa, care that is comparable to the finest international standards at competitive costs.

Contact Afrisurg

Healing Traveller

They facilitate medical trips for medical tourists who are looking for state-of-the-art medical facilities and impressive tourism services in South Africa, or any other country across the globe. Include surgical disciplines such as cosmetic, general, orthopeadic, cardiovascular, obstetrics & gynaecology, dentistry, ophthalmology as well as neurosurgery.

Contact Healing Traveller


Surgical Bliss

Surgical Bliss is a proudly South African medical tourism company based in sunny Cape Town. They can assist you in your recovery and any holiday plans that you wish to make in Cape Town. After your procedure, relax on your well deserved holiday.

Contact Surgical Bliss


Take note of the following if you are planning medical surgery and recuperation in South Africa

  • Make sure you get referrals and liaise with potential surgeons before making any bookings. It is important that your suitability for surgery be carefully assessed upfront.
  • Ensure that your surgeon is fully qualified and affiliated with all necessary associations and councils, double check this online or with the associations to be sure. These should include the Health Professions Council of South Africa, the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  • As with any surgery, confirm whether your surgeon makes use of a specialised anaesthetist. While many surgeons make use of general practitioners for sedation, a specialist is a safer option – though there may be cost implications.
  • The type of anaesthetic used will also affect the cost. Query and check this prior to booking your procedure.
  • Any medical insurance will be your responsibility alone, and payment is often required in full prior to surgery. Note that most cosmetic surgery rates are above those covered by medical insurance, and some form of co-payment is usually required.
  • Patients need to plan their trips sensibly, ensuring that they have a minimum of two to three days in the country prior to their surgery to conduct formal consultations and discuss the procedure in detail.

(source: SA Tourism)



We are not affiliated to the products or services mentioned in this article, in any way. It is mentioned as a result of our own experiences and research.

We endeavour to check all information for accuracy upon writing the article. If this information is outdated or wrong, please let us know and we will gladly amend it where need be. 



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