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KZN Midlands Got Me Trippin

Guest Post by D. Nicholas


I may be a bit biased, having spent most of my life living in Pietermaritzburg, but the Midlands is ALWAYS a treat.

I know most of us Durbanites are completely lost when it comes to miz weather.  We listen to the same song on repeat “What should we do today?”.  Our family in particular are always completely stumped when cold weather rears its ugly head.

So one such day, when the clouds began to gather, Giraffe (hubster), Fishy (offspring) and Unicorn (me) decide we needed a road trip, somewhere nice and not too far and it had to be kid friendly.  We even decide to be brave and add 2 more kids to our road trip, the 2 x Van Zyl Cousins.

Of course no road trip is complete without some Big Korn Bites (I swear by the red ones, but Giraffe and Fishy like the brown ones – so naturally we get a selection of each) and Aquelle (ONLY THE NAARTJIE FLAVOUR WILL DO!).

And we are off.


Howick Falls

We start off at the beautiful Howick Falls.  Howick falls is situated in Howick, outside of Pietermaritzburg

The waterfall is approximately 95m in height and the Zulu people refer to the falls as KwaNogqaza, which means “Place of the tall one”

The falls are absolutely mesmerizing and the crashing water has this beautiful calming effect that is definitely goosebump worthy. There are arts and crafts on the viewing platform and nearby. There are also toilet facilities available.   Best part is, there is no fee – absolutely mahala.

Jussie, what a LEGEND:

Howick Falls – According to a local legend, the pool at the bottom of the falls is the residence of the Inkanyamba, a giant serpent-like creature.  According to legend,  only Sangomas can safety approach the falls to offer prayers and other acts of worship to the Inkanyamba, Ancestral sprits and the “Great god’.

I’m not even lying – check out the Wikipedia page


Nelson Mandela Capture Site

We then ventured to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site, which is an amazing phenomenal piece of art.  From the street the sculpture appears to just be random metal rods, but as you approach, like magic, it transforms into Nelson Mandela’s face.

There is also an exhibition showing the story of Nelson Mandela’s life – so really educational for the kids also. You are welcome Mr History Teacher.

When we went, there was no charge to enter, they were just requesting donations for entrance fees, so use your discretion and don’t be stingy as I promise you, you really get this feeling of South African pride washing over you.


Choco-Gasm (Florentines Belgian Chocolate)

Next we headed back to a little signboard we had passed on the way around the Midlands for Florentines Belgian Chocolate…. I made Giraffe oath on his life that he would take us back there before we went home and it was all that AND MORE. Picture anything you can imagine dipped in decadent smooth Belgian chocolate – are you drooling yet? Wait until you smell the chocolate fountain…. If I had a heart rate machine it would have been flat-lining.

My favourite thing (and I tried a few) had to be the waffle covered in Belgian chocolate…. It coats your mouth and soul and it is better than ANY anti depressants 🙂

Check our their Facebook page.


What a way to end our wonderful day trip to the Midlands, the car was silent apart from some snores and poor Giraffe had to drive back all alone whilst we snoozed our way back to Durban dreaming of Green Hills, waterfalls and chocolate covered EVERYTHING! 



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