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Lory Park animal and Owl sanctuary is little haven one would not expect to find in the hustle and bustle between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Situtated in Midrand., it is a what many people like to call a boutique zoo, a place where animals can be appreciated up close, where human and animal interaction is welcomed, creating a personal and peaceful atmosphere. Animals that you can find in our collection range from birds of prey, Owls and Raptors to reptiles like iguanas and bearded dragons to our magnificent big cat like white lions, Tigers and Jaguars and not forgetting our flamboyant lemurs and singing lar gibbons. We at lory park believe in the up close personal touch not only to educate public on these incredible animals but to leave an everlasting make and hopefully have a future conservatoire in our mist. Main animal interactions include our majestic flying spotted Eagle Owls, our 18kg albino Burmese Python and not forgetting our friendly feathered faces of our tea garden parrots. Our main attraction is our animal encounters with our Cubs and kittens, from Lions, tigers, Leopard and Jaguars to our small cats like the Caracal, Serval and Ocelot.

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